Friday, October 28, 2011

Come Fly With Me

Last night Gabe and I went out to Hollywood to see Come Fly With Me at the Pantages Theater.
The play is basically dance performances all done in front of a 19 piece big band with all the vocals and tunes from Frank Sinatra. The story is about 4 different love stories that happen in a swanky bar. The show was really great.

 We were meeting up with our friends Roland and Jennifer and the plan was we all meet up at The Frolic Room right next door.
 Gabe and I got to the Frolic room first...I am still under the weather and really was not in the mood too much for pictures...I had a glass of champagne but Gabe wanted me to pose with his martini
 I love love the wall paper in that joint!
 Love these 2
 Here Gabe now let me take a picture of YOU with your martini.

 Once Roland and Jennifer showed up it was off to the play we went
 What a beautiful place
I could not take any photos inside the theater but I tried to sneak a couple of stealth shot...little did I know it was on below are some surprise videos ...I can't wait to go back and see The Addams Family!!

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