Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mac and Cheese ..a family favorite

Last Friday night Gabe started to tell me about an All Mac and Cheese restaurant in Cerritos where the menu consists of nothing but a bunch of different styles of Mac and Cheese..Of course there is a couple sandwiches and salads as well ..I guess for the people who want something OTHER then Mac and Cheese ( why bother going if you DONT want mac and cheese)
Anyways he said If wanted to go there for dinner and I was like Um Can I say HELL YES any faster and off we went.

 It is a Tiny place right across from Cerritos mall but the line was PACKED....the Whole Place was packed!! It was hard to choose which Mac and Cheese to get but I had to go for the Lobster Mac with Asparagus ( I like to indulge). **If you click on the picture you can see the menu better) ** OH and I wish I took a picture but they had some pretty friggen fantastic looking cupcakes in a display case as well
 We got our seats and soon the food came out . This was Gabes Steaming Bowl of Swiss and Bacon Mac..he ordered though a side of truffle oil and some Gorgonzola
 We thought we would try the brushetta as well...It was OK..the bread needed to be toastier.
 My little Ava got of course got the kids meal of Plain Mac, Veggies, juice and a couple cookies
 She LOVED her MAC!!
 My lobster Mac...cheesy goodness..I was really in Heaven
 They were really hot! Gabe couldn't get his to cool down fast enough
 I don't know what is up with the little breads they serve..I guess for dipping in the Cheese?
 Parker got a cheeseburger Mac..he didn't eat all of it..he is a bit of a picky eater..He didn't like the bread crumbs on top so I had to mix them in for him..He said next time he is gonna get the kids meal too.
 So full...Gabe had to finish mine
 Gabe also had to finish the last piece of Bruschetta
 Remember the name folks!
I highly recommend! ..I think my mission is to try every one of them!

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