Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pet Hospital Halloween Event

This past weekend I have been so busy at the Pet adoption events. Saturday I took my foster dogs over to  Pet adoptions at Pet Supply in Fountain Valley and on Sunday we headed over to Pet Hospital in Orange for their Halloween festival and anniversary party. The festival consisted of a whole parking lot filled with vendors such as The Orange County Animal Assistance League ( which a HUGE silent auction contributed all the proceeds too), A Parrot Rescue and I.C.A.R.E dog Rescue (us). This event was open to the public so people could bring their dogs and themselves in Costume. There were prizes for best costume and a dog parade, and a free BBQ and Root Beer Floats. Lots of FUN

 I brought Parker with me and the dogs to the event. I got there early to help set up our booth and dogs crates. Parker wanted to take some pictures so I gave him my camera so here are all the photos out of the WHOLE day that Parker wanted to take. This was the only one  I old rat rod.
 This chihuahua was soooo tiny..this lady had 3 ..this was Dorthy , she had a tiny tiny long haired one that was the cowardly lion and the other was dyed Green and dressed as the wicked witch...these guys i the photo you cannot even tell how tiny they really are..Think of the size of your digital camera..yep that is how big her tea cup chi's were.
 This costume was crazyyy..
 He was walking on all was really an amazing costume.
 Parker's photos..Of course the rat rod would be a big part of it. Parker I think had a great time walking around and eating free food and taking pictures..He even placed a bid on the silent auction for a Skateboard Gift cert and a BUNCH of Halloween decorations and candies..he placed a bid for the starting Price of 9.00...and WON!! No one outbid him...He was SO excited!!
 The Ghoul in the Rat rod
 This is Simba...she was my first foster..she has a new foster now..She is very sweet...I hope she gets adopted soon.
 My foster Chuggy also with Rigby.I want to adopt Chuggy so bad...he has reallllllly grown on me and everytime I drive him to a adoption event he sits next to me and gives me the sad watery crying eyes HE KNOWS...I would take him in a heartbeat but just cannot afford the adoption fee at this time. I would be able too in February though! Anyone was to loan me 300 bucks???
 Parker spent a lot of time inside the hospital hanging out with the kittens up for adoption...Last time I saw these guys a couple weeks ago they were really tiny..I am BLOWN away on how much they have grown!
So I am assuming this is on the ceiling of one of the exam rooms...LOL

Anyway the event was fun but we didn't get any dogs adopted out :/
At Saturdays event though a couple dogs were adopted. I wish I had pictures of Sat too cause I dressed up in costume. I was a 50's girl complete with a poodle skirt and Chuggy had a Letterman 50's jock jacket (which I found at my mom's thrift store) and Rigby he had a white t-birds wife beater and a spiked collar...we were The Outsiders..had my greaser and my Soc ( short for social) and I was the gal in the middle of both worlds LOL.


Jessie said...

I hope to foster animals someday. Looks like it was a fun event.

Iris said...

I love is very rewarding and we always get to spend time with a new fun pooch!