Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick O Treat with Snoopy

Last Sunday we took Parker and Ava to Knott's to do the Camp Spooky trick o treat event. It was such a HOT day. We just through a cowboy hat on Parker and Ava just wanted to wear her dragon costume (which she wants to wear all the time) These by the way are not the costumes they will be wearing on Halloween.

When we checked in they gave the kids a bag and a Map of all the areas to stop for treats. Ava knew just what to do!
There was a little craft area where the kids got to make their own little Ghost with Knott's wash cloths.
They also had a little The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Hay maze
It is impossible for us to ever get Ava to look at the camera anymore.
I love all the decorations
Parker Loves to go through the caves
They had a creepy crawly exhibit in the caves
Looked at worms and beetles
and saw some displayed dead creatures
The bat was pretty cool...I love bats..I think they are cute LOL..this one was a little creepy though. It was nice and cool in the cave. We saw some Emperor Black Scorpions. Did you know at night if you flash a black light on them they glow..So when you camp out in the desert take a little black light to flash on the ground at night to keep from stepping on one.
Ava juicing it up
At knott's SCARY farm they have a maze called CORNSTALKERS which is pretty scary for the grown ups but during the day they open Half of it up (the less scary parts) and call it the Haunted Harvest for the kids
They even had a friendly crow available for photo Ops
I was still not feeling well so after we were done trick o treating I was ready to go home and rest. Gabe took Parker on the Jaguar roller coaster while I let Ava go on the huff and puff..I also took her dragon costume off cause it was just too hot!
This seems more like work then a ride..she enjoyed it though.

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Thelma said...

OMG how fun! That's so cool, I bet the kids had a great time!