Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The LA County Fair Family Day!!

This Saturday we headed to the fair and it was hotter then a Swines butt crack out. First thing first..hit up the Lemonade stand!

 We snuck in a little ice tea vodka to add to our lemonades which were pretty darn good
 First stop was to the little mini train land. I used to LOVE watching these when I was a little kid too. It was always tradition for my parents to go to the LA Fair every year! We didn't come last year and there was no way I was gonna miss it again!
 She loved watching the little trucks come through the tunnel
 I so wish I could make a big train land in my back yard!
 We spent most of the day in the carnival letting the kids go on rides. Parker had a unlimited wristband that expired at 7 so he went on ride after ride and we took Ava on a few. She loved this wiggle worm
 She like the helicopter ride too
 I was so glad she knew that pressing the little button inside made the helicopter go up in the air
 After those couple rides she kept pointing at the games so I played a few. I Won a pretty good size DOMO monster thing and Ava wanted to throw some ping pong balls in the fish bowls and Won herself a Goldfish ( well really she didn't win the guy just gave her one) **Fish lasted one was dead the next day**
 Parker went with Ava this time on the wiggle worm..they both were laughing
 Then Parker wanted to go in the bigger carnival rides and went on this mouse coaster
 Waiting for Parker to get off the water log ride..mmm good vodka ice tea lemonade.....
 Finally after rides it was some exhibit time
 The kids were having fun in the science area
 Gabe getting his make believe dinner Parker made him
 Ava making what appears to be a donut sandwich
 The Beaker photo opp...I guess I didn't do it right..I took the photo completely behind the glass
 Ava wanted to do a close up
 This is how the picture was suppose to be done....
 Parker reallllly wanted a Big Turkey Leg..he always sees people at fairs,Disneyland,Pirate Fair..almost every event eating these massive turkey legs and Parker always comments saying how delicious the turkey legs smell. He asked us "Please can you buy me a turkey leg and daddy will you help me eat it if I can't finish it"..Of course we bought him one and I took a piece off to try..It was damn I see why people are always mowing down on those.
 We watched a fun animal pirate show. All the animals in this show are rescue animals. It was so cute!
 checking out some more of the exhibits There was an area with a bunch of kids hula hooping..Ava was cracking me up trying to Hula Hoop ( See video below)
 The kids really enjoyed playing in the hay bale maze
And petting the animals
 I got in trouble in the little red school house...
This was my TOOL of a teacher LOL. Anyway after some more walking around it was late and I still was not fully recovered from being sick earlier in the week and felt really congested and the kids were exhausted so off home we went. I love the fair..there was so much too that we didn't even get to see. I think Next year we are going to have to take two trips...One with kids and One without!

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