Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quality time at Disneyland

On Monday I had the day off for Columbus day. Gabe had to work and Parker had school so in the morning Ava and I got up and made the Most of our morning /early afternoon at Disneyland. I was just dying to see the Halloween Decor.

 As soon as we got up by the entrance Ava was pointing and yelling out "Punkin! Punkin!" for me to look.
 It was still morning and I did not have my coffee yet so first thing first was already hot out so I got a iced mocha Grande! MMM the pastries were looking pretty darn good too...too bad I didn't have a craving for something sweet.
 I don't know for sure what is inside these Donald heads but whatever it is looked good!
 I got Ava a Big ol Sugar cookie and a chocolate milk..she was in Heaven.
 We walked through Adventureland and I noticed the Enchanted Tiki Room was just getting ready to start letting people be seated so we rushed in and relaxed and had our cookie and drinks and watched the show. Ava just LOVED it she was singing along too and tapping her foot to the music.
 We went on Winnie the pooh next and headed to fantasy land. We wanted to go to the Haunted Mansion because before we left she was all into the Nitemare before Christmas movie playing in her room so I thought she would get a kick out of that but the line was INSANE so we skipped it. We went over to the petting zoo area by where the Woody's roundup BBQ joint is and stopped for this photo op..(Hey it had a black cat in ..I could not refuse)
 We watched this lady do some pumpkin carving..pretty cool stuff
 I like how the details of the carving worked with Woody's shirt
 We went inside the building and colored some Halloween pages and a bat puppet they had for the kids. Ava was checking out this pumpkin head lady and she was like Meh about it..
 When we walked out WOODY was outside doing photos with the kids..He kinda freaked Ava out..she just stood there in this position for like 5 minutes stone cold.
 Yeah..she was like NO WAY am I going near THAT GUY!
 She ran off to hide by the pumpkins
 We went over to the Casey Jr. Train ride which she has always loved
 Look Ava say cheese....Oh and don't fall asleep
 It was off to Small World ( so nice and cool in there).  I think for my first tat if I ever decide to get one I want a very colorful and detailed Tiger..The Small World Tiger.
Yeap..She is always way excited for Small world. After that we went on Finding Nemo and then a ride on the rockets .( Which scared the crap outta me..Gabe will have to take her on that from now on)
Ava was really getting tired and so was I plus I had to get home cause Parker was going to be off from school soon so home we went. It was a really nice day but Like always ..Ava could not leave without getting another Stuffed doll...this time she got The Minnie Mouse in her witches costume.

I shot this video of Ava on the shuttle back to the car. she was Knocked out and I was trying to wake her..everytime I would she was just smiling..yep that is a little girl who had a great time!

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Thelma said...

Aw looks like such a great time! Ava looked like she had so much fun!