Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walk With Me

Well I have not been blogging much because I been spending a lot of my free time helping with this dog rescue group and this past weekend was a weekend full of charity events.
Only a few of us could come out to the first event which was the Easter Seals Walk with Me event. It was a 4k walk held at Knott's in front of the Independence hall. The walk is for disabled and special needs Adults and Children. Everyone who registered to walk got 1/2  off admission into Knott's.
It was very nice that for the event they invited I.C.A.R.E Dog rescue to have a booth.
This event was very early..we had to be set up by 7am so me along with 3 others volunteered out time to work this event.

 It was a brisk morning..thank goodness when I checked in at the booth they offered starbucks and juices and morning snacks to all the vendors. I showed up with 3 doggies on hand and luckily I had another I.C.A.R.E volunteer there to meet up with me and help out. a Little later our other volunteers showed up with tables and signs.
 About 8am they announced that the walk was going to be starting. There were all kinds of people for the walk. People who brought their handicapped family member to stroll them in their wheel chairs on the walk and a whole cheer leading squad came out to cheer them all on.
 Everyone lined up and off they went
 There was a lot of great vendors out handing out freebies...I was able to snag up a cool official Knott's berry farm cowboy hat for Parker and some free energy drinks. I wished I would have looked around more. We had SO many people stop to check out our few dogs we had at the event.
 I even walked my few around in their little ADOPT ME vests.
 The dogs really brighten up a lot of people. I witnessed the dogs giving kisses to the teens in wheelchairs giving them tons of love, we had a little severely autistic girl walk a dog for the first time, and watched the dogs give kisses to the severely handicapapped and blind adults and bring smiles to their faces. It was very heartwarming and at some times I felt like I was going to cry it was so moving.
 The cheerleaders came to check out and give lots of love to the dogs
 Even Snoopy stopped by..and I think our very little blue pittie Sandy made a new boyfriend
 Snoopy showing his love to I.C.A.R.E
 The dj was playing lots of dance music and everyone was cheering the walkers when they returned..there were mascots and free toys and balloons and refreshments..it was a really nice time.
They had a few raffles too. This comic book store also had a raffle and at their booth had a TON of different comic books for free. I grabbed Parker like 20 comic books. They event was over by 10:30 am. I am soo glad I volunteered for this event.
The organizers for the Easter Seals also said they would be thinking of us for future events...I already told my group SIGN ME UP..nothing feels more rewarding then watching the broken abandon dogs that we show love to return that love to others.

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