Monday, November 21, 2011

Iris In Wonderland 35th Birthday Celebration

This Saturday we celebrated my birthday in Wonderland. It took so much time to plan and it seems like the party just blew by so quickly. There was a lot of other stuff that I had planned to do and just ran out of time but all in all I think my vision came out pretty much as planned.

 The keg I was a little concerned about if it was going to be finished and luckily the next day Rich and Gabe were able to kill it off. There really was not much left. In the Keg was is basically just like Blue Moon. We of course had oranges on the table to go with the beer.
 Jessica came up with some fantastic whimsical ideas for appetizers that would keep with the Alice in Wonderland theme. She is currently in Culinary school and a couple of friends from school came over early to help prep all the apps.
 Her friend making the lady bug crackers.
 After they were done they got dressed for the party and started taking out the food
 Fried Zucchini medallions with a special eggplant puree I believe with asparagus tip and tiny carrots cut out to look like flowers..these were so delicious
 The green Caterpillar was filled  chicken,broccoli and cheese and the Orange Caterpillar was filled with jalapeno and cream cheese. So yummy
 The booze table..we had orange slices for the beer, limes for cocktails and Berry Skewers for drinks as well.
 A vegan veggies stack..The layers were mushroom, eggplant and cashew puree, tomato and zucchini
 Twice Baked Potato White rabbits with parsley whiskers and Mozzarella cheese ears
 We of course had a real tea table set up and hot apple cider . On the tea table were also finger sandwiches, lemon and honey and fresh mint to add to your teas.
 We had a bunch of EAT ME Petite fours of berry flavored or chocolate..very decadent!
 Getting the table ready for guest
 The lady bug cracker..these were ritz crackers and I had mixed the whipped cream cheese with Chives and garlic and had grape tomato wings,black olive heads with chive antennae. I could have ate like 100 of these.
 The Hookah area ..I bought several different Shisha's for the hookah..we started the hookah with the Jello flavor then I remember ending the night with the lemon head flavor.
 My centerpieces were different tea pots filled with glittery fun flowers..Toni and Thelma made the flower arrangements
 I love them
 I also had a white rabbit on each end of the table with candles
 This one is my fave I think..
 The 3 chefs of the evening..They did great!
 Once the dj set up and the lights were going and the bubble machine was going we were ready to get this party started. I am so glad it didn't rain all over my paper lanterns. Which with all the left over colorful lanterns and tea pots it looks like I will be converting Ava's bed room into a Alice in Wonderland theme.
 Hi gals!!
 To enter inside the party my brother created a rabbit hole tunnel to come down in. We had the fog machine going and glow sticks and colorful the end of the tunnel there was a tray of  UNbirthday Cake Shots with a drink me sign that everyone had to take...Did you all get your shots??
 I had no sitter for Ava unfortunately but she was pretty well behaved the entire evening. She wore her Alice in Wonderland dress and had some snacks and danced, and had her juice and watched Alice in Wonderland on the projection screen we had going on.  She did get into quite a few eat me cakes and had chocolate all over her face.
 Pretty ladies
 There was a lot of guests in ad out throughout the night whooping it up..
 I was very surprised that by the end of the party all the food was eaten up. It was Just enough!
 Sean and his Whimsical attire
 Hookah time!!
 I think everyone had to make a pit stop at the Hookah lounge at some point of the night
 I loved all the hats everyone came in..we even had a huge box of hats available for those who needed one.
 I didn't get to try these...
 eat up
 Brian looking dapper!
 Gabe djing a bit while Josh is supervising
 Dance time..
 Lots of dancing..
 This is great! That hookah was going all night!
 I love this picture
 The fabulous GIGI and VICKIE!
Not that is not a ghost on the wall in the is part of the projection of a ton of different Alice in Wonderlands playing.
It was a great night and I remember taking lots of shots and drinking champagne and cocktails and all I know next thing was I woke up in Ava's bed with Ava LOL.
Thanks to everyone who posted these pictures cause I totally blanked out taking photos. Everyone really made my night memorable!

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Thelma said...

It was a fabulous party! Great job Iris, I had a fantastic time!