Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday..

We had family and friends over today to watch the Superbowl..It was cool too cause half the house was for Steelers and the other Greenbay.
We had tons to eat..Chili and cornbread, and Pizza and Hot wings as well as little know, Chips ..Dips..Breads...spreads.
I made this white sangria from was AMAZING. So here is what my recipe calls for
3 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, 3 cups vodka, 2 cups grapefruit Soda, 2 cups Apple juice, 1 cup sugar, 1 squeezed lemon and 1 Sm can of peaches with light syrup all added to mixture.
I then sliced grapes, 1 pear, and one green apple and garnish with a couple slices of lemon and a few rosemary springs and sprinkle in allspice and cinnamon ( seasoned to your liking) Chill and serve. We also had Blue moons and wines.
I had a few glasses of the Sangria it was Divine.
Before the game my brother put on Saturday night live and Alexis was dancing to the Jim Carey Skit. ( Video below) Soon all our guests came over and the game was on.
The gang..there were more behind me, outside listening to it outside and in the kitchen getting food...we had a lot of peeps over and this was the last picture cause I decided I wanted to cut loose and got too much into the eating and drinking and festivities.
I can't wait for the 4th when we have our next big party!


Julia said...

July 4th won't be here soon enough! Still thinking about a chili cook off/beer tasting? Perfect for summer.

Iris said...

Yes!! We are going to have a 4th of July Blow out..Beer tasting table, Red and White Sangrias, Chili cookoff contest, A vodka Jell-o Mold for the Adults plus Fireworks are legal in lakewood so Lots of fireworks.

tbahe said...

Come on July!