Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegas at Last

We arrived to Vegas at 11am and Josh and Vickie were so kind to pick us up. I tell ya though..the Vegas airport is a bit confusing and the flight itself to Vegas scared me completely. It was a pretty rocky flight cause the minute you are up in the air at the highest altitude and make a few turns you are already descending and getting ready to land but I can tolerate 30 minutes of terror instead of that long drive to Vegas and Back.
We were ready to start the vacation with brunch at our favorite The Peppermill
Bloody Mary's! After lunch we headed to the Gold Coast to pick up some booze for our room and went to the room and had a quick cocktail of Ice tea Vodka with lemonade. It was fantastic. Vicki and I were then off to the Golden Nugget spa where I had a facial, manicure and massage. Of course I took no pictures in the spa. I spent a few hours there just relaxing..It was so Divine!
Once Vicki and I got dressed we met up with our husbands who took advantage of the pool and rally stuff while we were at the spa. We met them downtown at The Griffen Lounge.
I was fresh out of the spa so no make up for me...We had some really good lemon drops at this bar and met up with the hubby's and Mike Burns and Paula and Loryn came to meet up with us as well. Josh was on the mission to make it a super weekend looking for all the great deals..first deal we decided to do was Steak and Lobster dinner at Tony Roma's for 11.99.
We were so buzzed by this point the dinner did not seem bad at all but was not great as you can see by the photo.
We wandered around Fremont street.
This was the KISS experience.
Then at the end of the Strip was this Awful band and they were doing some 80's stuff...reminded me of the wedding singer. There was a bunch of Las Vegas Meth head locals hanging out and dancing to the band..they were quite interesting to watch dance.
We left this crazy stage act and headed back to the room to go to bed. It was already like 2am and we did not want to over due our Vegas Vacation right away

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Thelma said...

Man it looks like you had such a great time in Vegas! You look fantastic!