Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Friday Morning with Elvis

We started our Friday morning in Vegas with a trip to the Golden Nuggets Buffet which by the way was pretty damn nice and the bread pudding with bourbon sauce was Fantastic!
Gabe brought his own beer! After we ate breakfast we moved into a bigger hotel room and then we got dress to venture out to the strip to see Big Elvis..( a must see in Vegas)
In the parking lot we saw this PT Cruiser just airbrushed everywhere with Elvis throughout the years..we thought for sure BIG ELVIS must own this car (he doesn't) Josh had to pose in front of it.
Big Elvis performs M-F at Bill's Gambling hall and he always brings in a HUGE crowd. I was over hearing people say that people believe he could possibly be related to the real Elvis..( Tall Tales I'm sure) He has a amazing voice! He actually lost a Huge amount of weight..he used to be Much Much Bigger!
While watching the show we indulged in the Dollar Margarita Specials!
We got to take pictures with him too. All us Gals. The Big Elvis Groupies!
Then the guys.
After the Big Elvis show we headed back to Downtown to our hotel room where we stopped and mingled with people in the Golden Gate Bar and picked up rally packs and had a couple more drinks before it was time to get ready for the night events..which I will post on the next blog...till then....


April Rodriguez said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Wish I was there!

Thelma said...

That's Classic! It's not Vegas without Elvis!!