Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disneyland and Dinner

Gabe and I took Ava to Disneyland for a little bit Sunday early afternoon. We rode the little Omni bus which was fun. Ava was pointing and waving at Everything and saying WOW!!
It was busy but not too busy.
We took her to Pixie Hollow which we never been through
I don't know anything about pixie Hollow So I do not know who this guy is...
Ava was more into climbing on all the colorful flowers rather then seeing Tink.
We went to It's a small world next which Ava just LOVES.
Before we came in there was this male duck threatening us before entering in the building..What up with that??
I always love these singing geese
Bye Bye Small World..
I love this topiary
AHHHH now we see why the daddy duck was threatening people on the boat..he has a family to protect. It was nice they had a Disney cast member watching over this duck family who was getting a little close to the boats.
Time to play in Mickey's House..Ava loved exploring in it
After Mickey's house we were hungry and decided to go to Gabe's restaurant for a early dinner
We brought a bottle of champagne
Gabe had the bouillabaisse (spelling??) I had the Steak Frites and we had a side of Mac and cheese
Ava was fine with just wanting to eat the bread and ice out of her water..every time we were giving her pieces of our food she would go "BLAHHH" and act like she was throwing up her food and then start laughing...must be from cartoons....
We even had room to share this Belgian chocolate pudding with Chantilly whipped cream for dessert..
At least we got to have some before someone wanted it all to herself
After dessert we wiped Ava down and headed to Gabe's brothers house to pick up Parker and we hung out there for a little bit.

It was a pretty nice Sunday!


Thelma said...

What a great day. And Ava is certainly enjoying Disneyland now at her age!

John and Kirsten said...

There is no doubt that little girl is my neice...I love Small World ever since I was a litle girl it is the best!