Monday, March 7, 2011

Keeping Cool In California

Saturday morning I was woken up by my husband and children asking if we could all go to Disneyland for the day..or at the least California Adventure..of course my answer was HELL YES!
It was SUCH a hot day and since I had plans to go out later in the evening we decided just to go to Cal adventure and keep cool with all the little water playgrounds and rapid ride. Gabe and I took the kids over to A bug's Life land and let the kids playing in the water. Ava did not really know what to do with this rock that had water pouring down it.
Parker laid right against it and his WHOLE back was soaked!
Ava soon was soaked and Gabe and I got splashed a bit too but it felt great
Parker liked the feel of the sprinkling water.
We went to the little playground camp area..I forget what it is called and explored. The kids had a blast. Ava had NO FEAR walking over this wobbly rope bridge...we had to carry her over a few though cause some of the holes in the rope you have to walk her foot would go right through.
What kid can refuse climbing through a tunnel! Especially one that moves!
Not any of my kids can....
and the tire zip line swing thing Parker HAD to do
Since we were all dried up and sweating it was time for some rapids! Parker and I had already went on so it was Gabe and Parker's turn with the Rider Switch pass ( LOVE THAT PASS)
Gabe and Parker came out pretty dry from their Rapid ride so I said for them to come with me to the Splash zone area..that is where we waited for them.
This little area by the main drop of the rapid ride you could be lucky enough to get a splash from the raft here and there and it feels great. All these little sprinklets of water was making the kids so happy.
Ava did not want to leave. There was another little girl about 3 and the two of them were having so much fun together. I took some Videos. Make sure to turn off my music player on my blog to hear it. TOO FUNNY

So this video I took of How Ava would react after each raft came down and made a splash...seems mellow enough right???
I thought to myself let me get a better video of the raft coming down then to hurry and turn the camera to Ava and watch her do her little dance...Well to my surprise I happen to be filming like the Biggest splash this ride must have made cause I got a Huge wave of water right in the face..I feel for the poor kid who got in front of me..It got Gabe really good too ( he was right behind me you will hear him screaming) I turned away fast cause my camera was soaked...I was seriously dying of laughter after it all happened.
A great way to keep cool!

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Thelma said...

Funniest video EVER! That kid! HAHAHA!