Monday, March 14, 2011


When Gabe and I checked into the Ayres for the weekend we were greeted with a nice letter from the Director of Sales and our account manager and some chocolate covered strawberries (DELICIOUS) a bucket of Champagne and two large gift bags containing a his and her Plus robe for the each of us.

We popped the champagne right away as we put our things away and surveyed the room.
The bathroom has a jacuzzi tub which we spent a couple hours in late in the evening, a good sized living room...Gabe relaxing on the couch
A bedroom...which I could not get a picture of the whole room cause it was too large ( the bed was SO comfortable). After we changed we decided to go out to dinner at Gabe's restaurant cause we knew we could get a great meal for super cheap.
We sat in the lounge and listen to the live entertainment and had a round of cocktails. He ordered a Manhattan and I the Lychee Martini. We then brought our own bottle of wine and had that.
I had the steak and potatoes..the picture does NO justice but it was probably thee best steak I ever had!
Gabe helped me with the steak and he ordered the Baked Clams.
It was a slow night in the lounge area. I just love the ambiance of this restaurant.
The bar was a bit empty too...surprising for a Friday night.
I love the lighting!
We had lots of food on the table..the ratatouille was pretty darn good too. It was nice listening to all the french jazz stuff and having a nice meal together.
Gabe's Birthday Cake!
Blowing out his candle
YUM!! It was tasty
Once we got back to the hotel we lounged by the fireplace and then headed to the our private Hot Tub and had more champagne...What a fantastic evening


Thelma said...

It is so nice to get away even if it is close to home, sometimes you need a getway from home too! Looks like a great evening!

April Rodriguez said...

Is that Gabes restaurant? It looks nice? Whats it called?

Iris said...

Yes it is..It's Called Pascal Brassiere at Fashion island in Newport Beach