Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some fun gal time

I am looking forward to some fun upcoming gal time .
We got our tickets to go to this Knott's Berry Farm Studio K reunion shindig hosted by Richard Blade. It is all 80's. I was never enough to go to this but I remember as a kid going to Knott's with my folks and I would just stare at the teenagers in their full Mod,Goth,New Wave garb and just think about how cool they looked as they were all lined up to go on the rides and then later to this Studio K club. I always wished I was grown up to go too..well I guess now I will finally have my chance to see what it was like!
Toni booked a Room for us gals to go away for the weekend again for wine tasting for May 14th..So looking forward to cutting loose with my gals, wine tasting,beautiful scenery,lots of laughter, lounging poolside, fresh air, good's gonna be great!
Our tickets are all booked too to go see Tiger Army. (click to see them in action) They are playing at the OC fair so we are going to check out the fairgrounds first take up some fair foods,wine taste, some beers in the hot sun and then off to see the concert.

There are some other plans we are still working on such as waiting for the Ink and Iron tickets to go on sale, a trip to Glen Ivy we been wanting to do for like 3 years now and a trip to Toni's cabin in Big Bear...I think it is gonna be one great summer with my gal pals!

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Tell me when you go to Glen Ivy! Ive got a Gift card burning a hole in my pocket!!!!