Monday, April 4, 2011

Reunion Night!

Friday afternoon we headed straight to Knott's for the Studio K/Cloud 9 reunion. What is Studio K and Cloud 9 . ..they were clubs Inside Knott's Berry Farm that all the Teens and twenty somethings would go to back in the 80's and dance the night away. Studio K was outdoors by the old Calico Saloon and Cloud 9 was in the auditorium by the Log Ride. Before we headed into the park a bunch of us met at Greg and Maria's hotel room for a little pre party cocktail and two and three...
The place was filled with girls..leaving Only Gabe and Greg.
Heading out to the park to get our dance on we saw Snoopy in the hall (Greg and Maria got one of the camp snoopy rooms). Snoopy was going door to door
saying goodnight to all the kiddies that were going to bed. Inside the park we all kinda got split up. My mom, Thelma and I were out dancing outdoors to Richard Blades set while the some of the others wee at Cloud 9 and others in the saloon having a cocktail.
We went on the log ride and then headed over to Cloud 9 where we met up with some more friends!..Kristen and Christine
We danced with my Old friend Adrain (RIP) sister Linda and her husband
That Gatorade right Toni's hand..had a couple mini bottles of margaritta and a whole flask of tequila inside it...MAN..was that one strong drink we shared on the dance floor...very tasty and did the trick!
So us girls danced SO much and sweated all our makeup, our hair was all frizzy and we were pretty toasted..I thought close up drunken picture as we sat outside on a bench to get some freash air..UM yeah not a good idea taking close up photos all waisted!

It was a fantatic evening..we stayed until it closed. I hope they do this again. I would for sure go back!

Click on the Bold DANCED SO MUCH and you will see some video..I could totally see us too in the middle dancing!!


Thelma said...

gosh, I had fun that night. I love the picture of us with Snoopy!Its funny the first picture my hair looks like I crimped it but I didn't. How funny!

Mixtress Bee said...

To: Awesome dancers

I am so glad you had a great night!

From: Your Cloud9 DJ :)