Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game Night~~

Friday we had a little game night at my house. It usually consists of..many drinks, lots of snacks, music and a board game full of laughs! I been trying to have one at least once a month. We usually have been playing Cranium but we mixed it up a little this time around. Ava was waiting for everyone to come over..she kept hanging out by the door and peeking in the mailbox slot.
I didn't take too many pictures cause I was having to much fun and forgot but the game night consisted of Gabe and I, Toni, and my brother and Jess. We ended up talking about the Game of life and I had remembered that in my garage I had The Game of Life Pirates of the Caribbean!
We were all pretty buzzed and had to stop a lot to review the rules.

Anyway it was a pretty fun night!

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John and Kirsten said...

How fun! Thank goodness for the rule books...I always seem to manage not to have them when I need them.