Monday, April 18, 2011

Being Michael Jackson...

It has been awhile since we have been to Julia and Sean's apartment for dinner and boy was I excited when they invited Gabe and I for dinner and to play the new Michael Jackson Video game for the xbox on connect! Holly was invited too ..Julia made a nice dinner with a garlic chicken, dill rice with lima beans, Pasta Shells filled with Ricotta and spinach, salad and for dessert little pear.cheese and brown sugar doughy thingy's. Paired with a few glasses of vino.
after dinner and convo and a couple shots of fernet Branca we started playing some Michael Jackson stuff
Of course the whole night was filled with laughs
When you play it puts this eerie image of you on the screen and you sing part of the time and then dance the other half of the time....
My only complaint is there should be more of a song selection.
Ahhh look who has the highest score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thelma said...

thats hilarious! COOL!