Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stoked On Soul

Saturday was truly a marathon day..birthday party,oysters at Gladstones,and clubbing. The plan was since two of our friends were throwing clubs was to go to both but it got so late there was just no way we could do it. We decided to go to our friends club in Hollywood...A night filled with Northern Soul! Both clubs were not too packed from what I heard but we made the most of it and got to mingle with a lot of our friends.
Liz, Darma and Michael sat with Gabe and I at a corner booth. The room was filled with Fog from the fog machine..we eventually moved to the outdoor patio.

Riley Dj'd! It was good seeing her as I don't get out too often.

Hiram and Zach ..Zach said Quick..try and look important.

Dan, Melissa and Michael!!

Liz and Sade

Loryn and Sara ...I don't know the dudes...

Gabe and Hiram..chillen. It was a nice night of socializing! It took us forever to get home though. There was a MAJOR accident (no fatalities thank goodness) and they had to shut the freeway down to arrest the drunk driver. He had a small sports car and plowed right into a shuttle was half way underneath the bus..So surprised he lived through it. Our friends said he was getting arrested and the were clearing the traffic...anyway didn't get home til after 3am!

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Thelma said...

looks like a fantastic gig! Too bad about the accident, thank god no one was hurt. 3 am! you must have been friggen tired!