Thursday, April 14, 2011

For ADULT eyes Only!!!!!!! WARNING!!!!!

My friend Jen ..her cousin just started working for Brown Bag Pleasure parties and when Jen asked if she had a party would I come..I of course said YES sounds like fun and fun it really was! Basically what brown bag is they do home parties and sell adult know like condoms,motion lotions,vibrators,lingerie and other delights. They also really do have a really nice spa collections as well such as lotions,bath gels,shaving creams,sponges and much much more. Cocktails and food was there and they showed us the Spa stuff first..after the spa stuff was shown we played a game where everyone had to make Penis with Play-doh and then everyone vote on which one was the best..the green one WON..that was Toni's ( who was my guest to the party)
Toni won these nifty little pleasure enhancers! I won a Pocket Oral Sex kit (LOL) I guess it has a little book and some flavored Lube in it LOL
after the game it was on to the Adult toys...I am shocked by some of these toys actually..WOW some of the little bullet vibes were so powerful (in my hand) that I could not even IMAGINE what they must be like DOWN BELOW..I think they are for OUTER use. ..Geebus..look at the size of that thing ...almost the size of half my face!!!
We played another game and drank some I must say was a lot of fun. I purchased a coupe items..such as some pink champagne flavored body's pretty and tastes good and I bought Gabe a Pair of black Pj charmuse pants (very sexy) and something else that is a secret....

Anyway there were more things I wanted to get too so I decided to host a party at my house so I can get a discount...I swear..I think I could totally be a sales person for this! It would be like Girls night all the time!


John and Kirsten said...

How funny! I went to an Athena party a the week-end before last, but opted not to post it on the blog...most of my readers are very conservative....same type of party as you describe! Definately a lot of laughs!

Iris said...

Yeah I don't think I have too many conservative people that view my blog..just a bunch of friends that can get a good laugh and see the humor of it.

Thelma said...

Thats AWESOME I look forward to going to your Pleasure Party!