Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting the eggs RED

The night before Easter our friends Guillermo and Mary from San Diego came over with their 2 sons and stayed the night at our house. It was a pretty warm night so as the kids played in the backyard we sat at the table and had some Pizza and wine.
They loved the fire truck!

Ava was on her scooter. She loved having kids to play with.

Gabe,Guillermo and Mary...say Cheese!!!

I had boiled a couple dozen eggs for the kids to dye..we kinda got side tracked and almost forgot to do them..luckily they were all up at 10 pm still. Parker did a yellow egg with a bunch of smiley was his favorite.

Memo was having fun too..he liked using his fingers to take out the eggs rather then the spoon.

Ava was ALL into it. She got her little crayon and drew pictures on her egg and then put in in the dye. It was cute.

How eggciting for the kids. Shortly afterwards we put all the kids to bed and then all of us soon crashed out right after.

I woke up SUPER early in the morning cause I had to Fill Parker and Ava's baskets. (this is a later picture of the remaining items in Ava's basket) It was FILLED to the brim. I also hid candy filled eggs in the living room so when all the kids woke up they would be curious and happy to see them. This was the only Easter picture I took. We were havign coffee and Donuts with Guillermo and Mary and right before I heard Ava saying YAYYYYYYY down the hallway with her gigantic basket in hand) Anyway, We did not make any plans at all cause usually every year we take turns going to Gabe's sisters or have my family over.

Well this year we were planning on going to Gabe's sister house so we made no plans and a couple days before Easter we found out she was not going to do anything for Easter so I just ran to the store bought a ham and told my mom and dad and brother to come over and I will make a small dinner. Since it was so low key and everyone just kinda lagged around and I was in the kitchen cooking all morning I took no pictures. We didn't dress up or anything anyway. The twins didn't even get to come over. VERY MELLOW EASTER. The kids LOVED their baskets though..Ava got these awesome giant eggs with Littlest Pet Shop figurines in them ..HER FAVE.

Oh and then later in the day Gabe said he ran into the Easter bunny and gave him this basket to give to me! It was filled with little airline bottles of booze, Some Boozy Jello Shooters, some chocolate marshmallow eggs, a snickers egg and a cadbury egg, some Gum, Silver eyeliner, A palet of eye shadows (which work FANTASTIC), some nail polishes, and a lipstick..A perfect Easter Basket for me LOL.

Too Bad the Easter Bunny did not leave him a basket...however I did buy the cutest little Pink Nightie at Victoria Secret the day before Easter Eve and I have some Bunny ears....maybe he will like that?????????LOL

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