Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long Live the Queen!!

Saturday was Roland and Jennifer's 10 year anniversary party and they decided to do a British Pub theme party for all their friends and family. We had such a blast. Roland is Gabe's long time best friend from high school. They have known each other for 30 years. It's great to have friendships like that! Parker stayed the weekend at his cousins house so it was just Gabe and I and Ava off to the party. They had a nice dessert table set up with cupcakes and British delites and toffee
Besides the gigantic Subs they were also serving meat pies,chicken pies and Veggie.
Ava was having a blast wandering around
Gabe dj'd some soul, brit pop, 60's British invasion stuff.
Roland introducing the QUEEN who decided to drop by.
They had these little brit cop hats and union jack mask for people to use for props..Ava liked this hat for about 5 minutes.
Roland and Gabe taking a shot of whiskey.
They had this cool phone booth for photo ops.
of course we ALL had to take photos
Gabe posing with the Queen in his mask
We all fit in!!
The queen having a drink with us
Big brown Eyes
LOL they had a caricature artist there doing every one's photos (Gabe said they made me look like Butthead from beavis and Butt-Head...still funny ) Fun souvenir for the party..they also passed out to everyone pint glasses full of salt water taffy!
Gabe and Ava dancing
one of Gabe's Faves
Ava was waving her napkin around like a flag
They rented a hall to throw the party so there was plenty of room
The Beer station..They had buckets of BASS,NEWCASTLE and GUINNESS. They had wine as well and Reunite Lambrusco (which I was drinking so tasty) and tons of juice and sodas.
Ava was having so much fun following and chasing Roland and Jen's boy Liam around. Can you believe he just turned 4!! Their children are so tall!!
The dj's for the afternoon
Nice photo of old friends
The big blow up Bass Beers were pretty fun!
Cheers~ The party ended at 6pm and afterwards we headed to pick up Parker from Andy and Davina' place.

Jen and Roland always know how to throw a good theme party!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I was totally thinking their kid was like 6! HAHA. CUTE dress Ava has on!!!

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Thelma said...

what an Awesome party. The Queen cracks me up!