Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg Hunting at St. Timothy's

Last year John and Kirsten invited us to do a egg hunt at the church Kelsey went to pre school at and the kids had so much fun that this year Gabe and I took Parker and Ava again.

All are welcomed and there was a count of 150 people there. Later in the day we drove by Simms park ( they were also having a egg hunt) and they had like 1000 people there. 150 is much more tolerable and I am so happy we went to St. Timothy's

Parker was so anxious to start collecting eggs. They had this one big grassy area out front for the kids in his grade group to hunt.

These grassy areas were for the 3rd preschoolers and kindergartners. The area inside the white gate was 2 and under. I took Ava to the toddler section while Gabe watched Parker in the bigger kid area.

When you register in for the hunt each kid gets like 5 tickets and inside some of the eggs are more tickets that they can take to this toy table and pick out items of their liking. Parker and Ava got tons of little treats.

They also had guess how many candies are in the jars.

and if you found a gold or silver egg you could collect a prize. Ava found 2 gold eggs all on her own so she shared and gave one for her brother. Parker chose the Jesus fish chocolate bar and Ava got a colorful book called the Easter Basket. Ava was getting upset that she had to wait so long. She kept running out to the bushes and putting eggs in her basket. Before they started the Easter egg hunt one of the teachers had all the kids gather around while she had a box of colorful eggs that each contained a small item that bascially told the whole story of the meaning of Easter and what each item represented.

Ava was doing reallly good grabbing up eggs. They also had little white and cello bags filled with cookies,crackers and mini beanie baby animals ( which she ended up with like 10 new beanie baby animals.)

She was giggling with excitement

Gabe soon came over to watch her collect eggs as well since the bigger kids were finished in No time.
After awhile all the big kids came in to the toddler area and swiped up everything but that was okay ..Ava's basket was full and she was ready to move on to other things then collecting eggs .

Such as playing the toys and sitting in the swing

They actually announced that they had this back area for all the adults to egg hunt. It was a really nice time. We went and got lunch afterwards. It was a very nice day.

OH and we saw this car on the way home. The kids got a Huge kick out of it...pretty clever!

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Thelma said...

WOW! Lots of easter eggs for them to get! I miss easter egg hunts I wish I was a kid again!!