Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Old School...

Saturday night we were going to be attending a friends 40th birthday bash but my sitter plans fell through so we ended up going out to eat with the kids instead. We decided to hit up the OLD Chris & Pitts by our house. I just love these old restaurants. This is # 4 and thee oldest one out of the 7 that are left still in operation.
I love how they have a walk up window to pick up your orders that you call in.
The old wood cabin paint job outside has always attracted my eye when driving by as a child
All the kitchy items that adorn the walls here can be quite entertaining.
They even have the old sign that lets each server know when they have a order to pick up.
The place was PACKED! Ava was so stimulated by the whole place.
I had the steak ofcourse..7.95,...can't beat that!
Gabe had the BBQ Chicken and Ribs...7.95! No wonder this place is always so packed!
It was a nice and filling dinner with a retro feel...We are going to come back again...actually several times again!

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John and Kirsten said...

That place is soooooooo much fun!