Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colette's 4th Birthday

It was such a beautiful sunny weekend this past weekend. A perfect day to spend at the park for a birthday party. Colette's party was in the Pacific Palisades and the ocean breeze was just the icing on the lovely day.

When we arrived all the kids were sitting down and there was a fairy that was doing a magic show,then making animal and flower balloons and then also did some face painting. Ava did not know what to think of it.

I had to indulge in some of the food..can't wait til the cupcakes are served!

Eric and Holly had to head was nap time for Sophia..and probably Holly too being in her last month of pregnancy.

Ava got a mini balloon Poodle. She had a bigger butterfly one for her too but she saw one of the kids drop their balloon on the grass and it popped in several places so Ava kinda freaked over the bigger balloon animals.

Lot's of bubbles to play with. Evie ran straight for them.

We had some watermelon,sandwiches and chips. We moved our lunch over to the grassy Tree shaded area and had a little picnic.

Ava was having fun running up the hill following Colette and Evie

and following them down the hill...Evie and Collette were a bit quicker then Ava though.

Time to fly some kites!!

Parker was having fun in the craft areas decorating us some birdhouses and painting some rocks for our garden.

The party was over soon so we took one last picture and then headed to Malibu to spend some more time with Josh and Vickie and Evie. Perfect Park Birthday!

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