Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gladstones Malibu

We had to take advanage of the beautiful weekend so after the Birthday party in the park the plan was t go to Gladstones for some beers and oyster shooters.

Gladstones is right on the beach in Malibu. It was PACKED! Vickie and I sat in the waiting section that had a little sand box for the kids to play in and sipped on some bloody mary's while the boys waited in line to put our names on the list...something with a nice view please!!!

Parker posing.

Once the guys put our names in we went inside and had another drink.

Vickie and Evie

Parker and I

We didn't have to wait too long and Boy what a great view!

Parker got the fish and chips

Grilled cheese and chips for Evie

We decided to split the medium size seafood Platter..the premium large one was the same but bigger and with Cavier but the 400.00 price tag was a bit much and Josh is not a fan of caviar anyway..I on the other hand love it with Champagne!

This platter had Everything..Lobster,shrimp,scallops,mussels,oysters,alaskin King Crab, Ceviche

So I NEVER had Oysters and I thought with my 14.00 margaritta (hoping it had a lot of booze) would make me brave enough to eat one. Well I could not do matter how buzzed I was.

This was just the perfect size to share..plenty for all of us.

YUM Lobster!!

Josh was having fun messing around with Parker making the lobster talk to Parker.

Now the mussel is talking.

After we were done the kids were taking rides on the coin operated cars out front.

They all had a good time.

Ofcourse we had to do more then one ride

After Josh and Vickie and Evie left Parker wanted to climb the rocks. So we hung out for a little while longer.

Parker was having fun on the rocks.

He slipped and fell though but he stayed strong and did not cry.

Ava played in the sand.

Time to load up and go home...ofcourse a perfect day to ride with the convertable top down.


Thelma said...

man I haven't been on your blog for a while! It was a nice day that day! I had an Oyster ONCE and it's overrated!! Although I am kinda curious to give it another shot.

April Rodriguez said...

What?! I Loooove oysters! (Hence my blog; oysters4breakfast) when i'm rich and famous thats all I'll eat. They are very healthy and full of zinc and protein. I'm gonna make you have one Iris! I think Mortons Steakhouse has some of the best prepared and freshest oysters in LA.

BTW Iris, where did you get those sunglasses? I love em!!

Iris said...

April..I have not given up yet..I will try a oyster one day!!
Oh the glasses are Chloe..and were a gift.
you can purchase them here

Jessie said...

I don't think I could eat an oyster either! Just the thought of them makes me want to throw up. lol