Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty Bar Night in Vegas

Friday nights event for the scooter rally was going to be at the Beauty Bar in Downtown Vegas. Now what the beauty bar is a old beauty salon that has been turned into a bar. (well there are a chain of them...I think they furnish them with old salon stuff) A bar where you can have your martini with a side of a sweet manicure.
Lots of people inside dancing to the Northern Soul and 60's vinyl the dj's were spinning
I stopped to chat with friends inside the bar
Outside in the back was another story..I thought it was packed inside...well outside was a madhouse! Everyone was out there anticipating the band that had been formed just for this evening. They were a two tone cover band with a mixture of musicians from LA performing hits by The specials, Selector etc..
I mingled outside with several peeps.
and my very good Portland friends Whom I cannot wait to see in July when we go to Portland for a few days!!
The band started playing and to much of our surprise was to find our our friend Mike was going to be doing the singing! Every time we see him play he is always the bass player.
The band sounded great!
We found a drunken Michael wandering around the crowd...
So many people dancing. There was a pretty bad fight too inside which almost made the whole place close for the night. Mass amounts of blood, busted open heads, broken glass, dudes was a real crazy fight I heard. I was watching the fights that were happening outside. I just saw some skinhead dude pour a beer over a skinhead chick and her punching him and then a bunch of guys died that I think about it ...I wonder if it was the same people outside who got in that big fight inside.
Jesse the dancing machine!
We got some reinforcements in after the few fights.
Watching the final song. It was about 2:30 am about this time I think..
They closed up the back after the band was over..granted there was a few people still hanging out in back.
Inside I went cause it was cold plus it was nice to listen to some Vinyl. Kev spun at 3am.
A few dances, another drink and many goodbyes later Gabe and I grabbed a couple of our gal pals whom we did not want walking back alone in downtown back to the hotel. We kept joking throughout the night cause on Fremont street there are these Ziplines you can pay to ride that zip your across Fremont street for 20 bucks and I kept telling everyone "Yeah we should go to the beauty bar and when we are ready to go home instead on walking we should all just Zipline back to our hotel and wave to everyone else that is down below walking and yell out SUCKAS!!!" Everyone was laughing and was really down to do that but the Ziplines were closed...another time I guess.

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Thelma said...

That would have been funny going down the ziplines yelling SUCKAS! Cool party! Except for the fighting part that would have harshed my buzz.