Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Evening at The Chit Chat Club

Saturday night I took Thelma with me to the very exclusive Chit Chat Club in LA. It was held this month at the Park Plaza Hotel ..a very beautiful elegant hotel too! The kind of place that has a red carpet laid out for you as you enter the building. This club is used to be held in a much smaller little bar but was busted for serving alcohol after hours.
The ballroom was spectacular. First thing we did was say hi to a group of our friends that were sitting at a corner table and moved quickly on over to the bar where the drinks were specially handcrafted for the evening. They had their own special menu that had old libations from the prohibition era and some special signature drinks for the chit chat. It was quite a treat watching the bartenders as well but for the hefty price tag of each cocktail it should have some sort of fancy presentation.
They were showing old 1920'3 and 30's movies on a real REEL to REEL..very classic.
Then the swing music came on and swing dancers filled up the ball room with their master swing skills
Then a few performaces for the evening
Then some boozing it up outside with the smokers
I love this picture of Thelma..seems to be a glow in the picture
Gina and Mondo
Us gals!
Megan and Arnold watching the crowd.
It was a really nice elegant evening. Think I must go again next month!

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Thelma said...

It was really nice. I loved the ambiance! Man your camera takes great pictures!