Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Vegas Hot Tub Morning

Sunday morning Gabe and I decided to let Josh and Vickie have some peace and quite in the room since they did not come in til like 7am in the morning so it was back to the hot tubs for us.

I packed a few bathing suits so I got my robe, Did my face up and went to hang out with some friends in the hot tub. This time instead of champagne we made bloody Mary's to take with us.
As Gabe went downstairs to the lobby to pick up a bottle of bloody Mary mix I took some shots from outside our room window.
Kinda drab in the day when all the lights are off
After a couple bloody Mary's I moved on to champagne cocktails!..
These were so delicious. It was a slushy boozed filled strawberry puree mixed with champagne and topped with some sort of berry liquor. It was sweet and sparkly..and the cherries were plump and juicy. The perfect drink for the hot tub!
As were inside the hot tub Burns and Drew were freezing outside and using the towels to keep warm. I am sure next time they will bring their swim trunks!
It would get a little too hot in the hot tub so Gabe had to keep sitting out. There was about 4 other scooter rally peeps from Portland hanging with us in the hot tub too. We spent about 5 hours in the hot tub then it was back to the room where we all got dressed and jumped on a shuttle bus to the rallies day event.

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