Saturday, March 26, 2011

Girls Beauty Night!

Last night was Girls night at my house. Thelma and Toni came over and our night consisted of Vino.Food,Beauty treatments and movies...not to mention the usual girl talk!
Toni and Thelma both brought over some wine and Toni brought a Large pepperoni and Cheese Z pizza. The slices were HUGE..(wish I would have taken a picture of it) We all also broke out our beauty supplies. I provided nail polishes ( I have almost 50 different colors)
Toni brought over some mud and cucumber peel off Masks and Thelma brought some cold sliced cucumbers ( which we did not even use...)
After a couple glasses of wine and Pizza I had a Bread pudding I was cooking up for dessert.
The bread pudding I made was a Peach and Pecan bread pudding..super easy and tasty too.
I put on the stereo in the living room and we listen to music throughout our eating and drinking and pampering.
Toni got us all these cute headbands to wear to keep the hair out of our faces while we put on our masks..Toni and I did the cucumber peel off Mask and Thelma did the Mud Mask.
Once we had our mask on it was time for some nail painting and chit chat. Once we washed off our faces and the nails were dry we turned off the Music and Started up the TV to watch a movie. Toni brought over a large collection of 80's movies..Of course we had to pick our favorite which we all seem to know the lines of..Weird Science. Before watching the movie we all did a shot of this girly Pink Vodka and champagne liquor and I brought out 2 big Artichokes I boiled for us to eat while watching the movie. It was a great night and really we need to do a beauty night I think once a month...maybe soon enough we will have even more girls to share this new once a month beauty night with!

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Thelma said...

I had so much fun Iris! We really need to do more beauty nights. It was a perfect girls night!