Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Camping Trip ..BOOKED

So this year will be the third annual family and friends camping trip. We have been doing this in the past with my aunt and uncle and small cousins along with some friends and my brother too but last year John and Kirsten moved away to the East coast but we are still gonna keep the tradition going on. The first year we camped at Lake cachuma and last year we did San Onofre. This year we are going back to Lake Cachuma cause I loved it there so much. Usually our group consist of 8-12 of us..this year we will have a Whopping 27+! I was So very lucky enough to get the LAST Small group camping spot for us for June 17,18,19. It is the Barona Butte campsite pictured above! Everyone wants to pitch in for a Boat too so that will come next. So far there are talks of a Big Seafood Broil. I am of course going to plan out a chore and Cook schedule and YES we are gonna stick with doing a scavenger hunt. A lot of the friends are so willing to help me plan meals and activities. I love this site too cause it is close to the playground and we all pretty much have kids. There will be 10 children and all of them with a friend their age to play with. All our friends that confirmed on going are really excited just like us for this trip. I CAN'T Wait...anyway..I am gonna post up some memory photos from our past two camping trips...
Last years trip to San Onofre..heading out to the Beach...Parker was leading the way..
Limbo time
Night hike and drift wood hunting
Hot summer day and Watermelon
Breakfast time
The Guys
Lake Cachuma Camping..taking a rest after setting up our tents
It was always Beer Thirty out in the Hot weather
Plenty for the kids to do at our camp spot
Getting ready to cook up some vittles
Beautiful sunsets at the Lake ( I can't wait to share this with our friends this coming June)
All of us going for a stroll through the campground
The animals were so non afraid of people there.
and fishing!

I am so excited for this upcoming camping trip!!!

Mental note- GET AIR MATTRESS!!!


Thelma said...

Wow 27 people are going! that's great, it looks like a great place for families!

Iris said...

final count today of the rsvp is 34!!

Anonymous said...

I have booked this exact site. I have never been there before. Do you know if 4 trailers (26', 26', 19' & 17') would fit comfortably with 4 tow vehicles on this site? Thanks for any info you can provide.