Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Toast and Roast to Greg!

So last Saturday we went to our friends Greg's 40th Birthday BBQ and Roast!
There was Tons of food, Tons of Booze, Tons of Friends and Tons of fun for all Kids and Adults.

The cake was so good. Just love the picture of Greg on his scooter.
Middle of the party everyone got together to share stories and make fun of Greg.
Quite a few people went up..I missed a lot of the roasting though cause Vickie and I were out front letting our girls bounce in the house.
I knew it was time to take Ava to the bounce house when she started playing and throwing rocks.
Before I went to the bounce house though I listen to Josh share his funny story and Greg's brother share his story as well.
It was so great the toddlers had their own time in the house before the bigger kids went in.
Ava and Evie Jumping
We got to see Greg open his first gift.
Pretty cool Vespa clock for his garage ..well full of vespas!
Time for cake. We stayed until it was dark then we left for home cause Ava was getting too fussy and started to throw fits in front of everyone. We were going to go out later but with my digestive and intestinal issues I been having I have not been well these past few weeks. I hope that will change soon.


Thelma said...

So cool to have a "ROAST" party. Greg was all red in the face! I'd be too!! LOL!That cake was very cool.

John and Kirsten said...

What a fun idea! Ava berry still looks so tiny in the jumper....she is sooooooo adorable!