Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot Tubb'n and California adventure

It was so nice to leisurely wake up in a big soft cozy bed with no kids poking us in the face or jumping on the bed and in peace an quiet. I highly recommend every parent to take time away with the spouse when you can..it really is something special. We woke up and went down to the restaurant for our free breakfast which was just amazing. We had eggs W cheese and Salsa,country potatoes,bacon,fluffy pancakes with powdered sugar , big slices of toast, fresh juice and a nice cup of hazelnut coffee..perfect for waking up with.
After breakfast we laid on the bed and watched tv for about 30 minutes and then got our champagne and headed out to the pool area. It was nice we had the whole area for ourselves.
I got the hot tub started and MAN was it hot...not only in the tub but outside too.
Easing my way in
Yep..we stayed for about an hour in the hot tub then moved on to the Pool and to lay out.
Afterwards we went up to the room and got ready and headed out to California adventure just us too...we went over to Ariel's Grotto where to my surprise is a FULL BAR!! I had NO idea they had a bar outside. We had a few rounds..no kids ..so why not!
This raspberry rain drink was SO STRONG!
Gabe made a Mickey Mouse in his Beer Head..
Now that I had a minor buzz going on I thought I would finally face my fear of falling and heights and finally concur Tower Of Terror..
It was fun! However I think I may have been more scared if I were more sober.
I was just laughing the whole time.
after walking around we decided to head over to Disneyland...OMG why the heck was this place SO PACKED..we went Sunday too With the kids and it was still insanely packed..then we were told ..It was due to SPRING BREAK
Anyway we still managed to at least go On Pirates.
and the Tarzan Treehouse ( where Gabe and I both had to agree we liked it better as the Swiss Family Robinson House)
I don't remember this pix...
Gabe is gonna drive the Tree!! It was way to crowded and we were starving and ready to have our nice dinner at the Hotel restaurant so we went back.
We ordered a TON of food...we had 150.00 to spend just between us too. Gabe's main course was the Rack of Lamb.
I had the filet Mignon with Shrimp Scampi...so good but with all the appetizers and salads and soups and bread before it I took two bites and had to wrap it up to go..I had it the next day and was still delicious! We were stuffed by the end of the night and we relaxed in our room and we both passed out at some point. We both did'nt even remember falling asleep. We woke up the next morning and packed up but first before we left we took advantage of the free breakfast again (YUM) and spent the 50.00 gift certificate in the gift shop where I bought me a awesome coffee mug that the holder goes over your finger and it looks like a big ring, a airplane bike attachment for Gabe's bike, and Some super super cute Easter stuffed animals for the kids.(well AVA)...Oh yeah and some charms.
What a nice getaway..only problems with our getaways though..they never last long enough....


Thelma said...

OMG it looks like the MOST perfect day EVER! Full of relaxation, drinks, food and FUN! I'm glad you both had a nice getaway!

John and Kirsten said...

What a fantastic get away! You are sooo right about having a break just the adults. We soooo need to do that this summer!

April Rodriguez said...

You're so pretty Iris <3

Disneyland is loads of fun as an adult! Dan and I went in December and we got lushed out at California Adventure too! I can't wait to go again!

Iris said...

AWW Thanks April!!

Well let us know when you do and we will meet ya there!