Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Musee Mecanique

While in San Francisco Gabe and I went to fisherman's wharf and located there is the Museum of Antique coin operated machines. It was quite interesting and we had a lot of fun!
I recommend this to everyone who visits SF
There was a lot of creepy puppets.
Gabe was having a field day playing the games! I swear every machine we walked to he was like I REMEMBER THIS WHEN I WAS A KID...I was like Serious?? that machine looked like it was made in 1812!!
Lots of old wooden music boxes and puppet shows.
funky 80's Love test..Gabe was clowning me cause I got WARMED UP..but how quickly the tables had turned when his came back as COLD FISH!
Cool old model carnival. You put a coin in and the carnival comes to life.
Reminds me of Sargent Pepper's
Kind of weird that in a old museum of arcade coin operated machines there in the middle is a old steam powered motorcycle..hmm...maybe this is what the people rode to the arcades back in the day.
OH..let's take a look at the bay and Alcatraz
We were curious..we put the coin in and all it did was lift up the red curtain and showed a guy get his head cut off....OKKKKKKK...little morbid..then again this whole place was like a Tim Burton inspiration.
Ye ol organ
Speaking of being curious........
Once again..OH I REMEMBER THIS GAME WHEN I WAS A KID!! really Gabe were born in the 50's????
This had to have been like one of the first driving games...instead of driving a video car you are actually steering a little metal car while the road rotates...the object is to stay on the right side f the road..
Yeah he remembered that one too
The object of this game is to run over people and see how many tombstones you can get on your screen
OH and here is one I remember!
and this one...getting into that 70's and 80's section in the back corner
Spy Hunter...Gabe claims this one was his favorite.
Back to the old stuff that were more just like coin operated entertainment boxes..these are all ones that just lit up or made a minor movement to bring the model to life.
We didn't put a coin in this one so i really don't know what it does...
This just turned on a light and inside you would see a bunch of elves kicking it by a mushroom..meh
Just a bunch of Bimbo's having a jam session
Another carnival scene but all made out of toothpicks.
So Gabe thought he would be all slick and pick the hardest level to arm wrestle this Mechanical MACHINE..lasted 1 second before Gabe was like OH MAN it's gonna break my vs machine...i think a lot of the times machine will win
My guess is when you put the coin in the den fills up with smoke
Remember I was talking about those creepy are a few...Yeah Jolly Jack..get out of my head please
Big laughing crazy lady...yeah...been scaring kids now for 50 years
Yeah..he was pretty creepy too however he did give me a good fortune.
Oh and this was my fave! This Mid century Pong style Game...check out the super cool angles and design
I would love this in my home!
One last game of pinball before we head to eat..Gabe played two rounds and I played the other two..however my game ended cause I tilted..I forgot those old games do that.
I leave you now with this video of a well spent fifty cents at the creepiest arcade I have ever been to in my life! I can't wait to go back!

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Thelma said...

OH MAN I so need to go there! Wow I would totally feel like a big kid in there! Awesome post!