Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here we go again

Well this morning I had the very rude awakening of going to my blog only to find that it was hacked and had been removed. For 3 years I blogged about all the ventures I had with me , my kids, my husband, my in laws, my family and my friends..all gone. I blogged through out the years of holidays, outings, new milestones for the kids and the birth of my second child. It saddens me that all the stories of the past 3 years of my life have been wiped clean but fortunately I have every picture that was posted. I guess this is just the push to get me back to scrap booking those memories.
So to old and new blog followers let me flashback a bit on what's been going on in my life.

I have been married now since 2003. I been with my husband almost 3 years before we decided to get married. We met through mutual friends that were all part of the "LA MOD" scene. He rode a vintage Lambretta scooter and we spent a lot of time together going to scooter rallies, night clubs dancing, swank cocktail parties and other usual dating stuff such as movies,restaurants etc.

We love to eat and try to dine out at new places as much as we can and love wine tasting. He loves Music,Surfing,Skateboarding,scooter riding, sports and MOD culture. I love all things Mid Century, dancing, music, Old Las Vegas, Cocktailing, and being out and about. It's hard for us to have the same lifestyle with children but we still try and make it out back into the scene when we can. Oh and one HUGE thing about us we are both Collectors especially of old vintage toys!

We have two children. Parker age 9 and Ava going on 2 this August.

All our lives as a couple and a small family we have lived in tiny apartments and in a mere two weeks will be moving into our first actual HOUSE. I guess with this new blog and our new location will equal new adventures to blog about.

I usually update my blog everyday so stay tuned..


Thelma said...

So strange what happened.
The new blog looks great! I love the picture of Snow White and the not-so-fairytale ending! So funny!

Ally said...

I think its an absolute disaster your blog is gone and Google can't even help you out. They have to have stuff backed up somewhere. I'm so bummed. A lot of my memories from the past few years were on your blog too. :C

Julia said...

So many new adventures! I can't wait to see where this one will lead to.

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

9! No really 9!? How Is he 9!!!! LOL