Monday, July 5, 2010

Johnnie turns 2!!

I am finally getting caught up on my blog since all last week I been moving and half the time I did not have Internet. Anyways the Saturday before last John and Kirsten had a little Elmo Party for Johnny! It was also their last weekend at the house before they left for Boston.
Here is the backyard before Guests arrived.
Ava enjoyed some Patriotic Cupcakes..her poop was blue too.
Kelsey was enjoying them too
The family all came by to spend some time with John and Kirsten and the kids as well.
These were all cupcakes believe it or not!
HAHAHA..the cupcakes were quite messy in small hands.
Johnnie and Kelsey waiting to dig into more frosting
Looks like Alex did too.
It was a nice day of hanging out and the start to a very busy week ahead for me of moving.

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