Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Date night

Why are vacations never long enough? I guess that statement has even more truth to it considering I worked during my vacation with the move. The last Friday I took advantage and actually took a day off to somewhat have some sort of quality time spent with my kids.

The Darling Husband had to work all day so during the day it was out and about time with the kiddo's. We went to the Long Beach Town center to meet up with a women who purchased an item from me on craigslist and decided we would meet there. Since I was there I decided to buy movie tickets for later in the evening once Gabe got home so I purchased 3 Toy Story 3 in 3D tickets and retrieved our 3D glasses then took the kids over to the playground they have at the center then to the little water squirting play area where they both got a little wet. ( I really wish I had my camera for was a crack up)

After that we went to Starbucks,then Toys R US to buy a Slip N Slide. and then to Mayfair Park to pick up the swimming pool schedule and recreational programs in the area.

Once Gabe got home it was off to have some dinner before the movie..This martini was very YUM by the way!
the meal was making us all tired
So it was off to Starbucks again. They had TWILIGHT inspired drinks..
Parker got a Vanilla Bean drink ( no caffeine)
I had to get a TWILIGHT drink of course
While Parker and I were getting our Starbucks Gabe and Ava were off checking the scene The theater was not too crowded...You know they had little 3D toddler glasses!! Ava would put them on and then start cracking up then take them off then on and so on. Of course it was impossible for her to keep them on the whole time but she did sit through the movie the whole time quietly!
It was a LONG Movie but VERY GOOD..I recommend it to all.
I really need to start going to the movies more often. I rarely go but every time I do I always have such a great time.

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