Monday, July 5, 2010

Ava's First Concert and Her Fave Band..DEVO

Last Thursday Gabe and I and the kids met up with some friends at the Hollywood Race track for a little bit of Gambling and a whole lot of DEVO!
We got to the races and walked over to the stage where Devo was going to was much smaller then the usual venues I have seen them play at
There was still though HUNDREDS of people there to see part is the show was only 8.00!!
We bet on a couple races...unfortunately we did not win.
After the last race we took our places and watched DEVO.
They were amazing! They played all their major hits and also new songs from their new album.
They had graphics all behind them..totally reminded me of Yo Gabba Gabba. Parker was digging it.
Holly bought some glow necklaces and was dancing to the is pretty hard Not to dance at a DEVO concert
Parker was starting to get tired and Ava had fallen asleep before the concert.
I was pretty tired myself cause all day we had been moving
Of course they had to come out in the yellow jumpsuits
Then soon after stripped into their black shorts and t shirts. Ava loves Mark when he is on Gabba drawing pictures that come to life.

Ava finally woke up half way through the concert. She LOVED it. She started dancing and tapping her legs and shaking her fist in the air like all the people around was a crack up.
Then Gabe decided since she was having such a blast to put her on his shoulders and take her out to the front.
She could not look away
The last Song presented Boogie Boy (mark motherbaugh) !! It was awesome ..he was Throwing super balls by the handfuls on the ground thenthey would come flying out to the audience.
I took lots of videos. Ava just loves Devo...everytime I play these videos or play a DEVO song she starts dancing! I hope they play again soon out here!

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