Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July in Suburbia

I am so behind on my blog postings so here are my ones from the 4th...

Since we had barely moved in we didn't really expect to have anyone over but for maybe my mom and dad but soon enough we had quite a few family members over.

While my mom and I were in the kitchen making potato salad and brownies and Jell'o shots Ava was quite peaceful playing with her Gabba Dolls (as she always does) and watching yo gabba gabba.
I looked down the block and early in the morning all the neighbors were out setting up their bbq's and tables and Chairs and having bouncy houses set up in their front yards.
Parker made most of his day by putting on his swim trunks and going from bouncy house to bouncy house on the block..he made a couple friends.
We decided since Everyone house was setting up out in the front yards why don't we. We got some flags to put out but Ava took them over.
She had lots of fun waving them around.
My folks
We had my family members and Gabe's Parents and brother and kids over. Our old neighbor from upstairs at the apartment also came over with her two boys.
We cooked loads of food and had tiki torches going and gotta have sparklers.
Hot Dogs
Jello shots!! My brother and I had quite a few..I made some kiddie ones too with no booze for the kids. I put those in cartoon dixie cups.
The neighbors across the street we really having a rager. They had ladders out and blowing up things.
We just had our regular little fountain fireworks
4th of July is just not complete without a BBQ
My brother burned his finger REALLY bad lighting a firework.
You know it is pretty hard to get a picture of fireworks..
The table was packed with food
Hmmm what are those boys doing over there on the porch??
They were organizing their fireworks and discussing which ones would be lit next.
All in all it was a great 4th of July with a few burns here, lots of full bellies, lots of firework carnage on the streets and one lost cat ( yep one of my cats disappeared after the 4th for 5 days...she came back a couple days ago)
I can't wait for next year..maybe I will actually have a PLANNED party.

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Thelma said...

So fun! And it's cool that fireworks are legal in Lakewood.