Monday, July 5, 2010

Bye Bye Apartment....

Well we finally moved!. I cashed in all my PTO time in last week to move. It was pretty hard because of many things..first of all we have way too much crap and second we had a very short deadline to have everything removed from the apartment so we would not be charged for rent. Usually when you move you have a couple weeks to move stuff in to a new place cause it is usually already empty when you check it out but we had to wait for the new place to be vacant before we could really start moving our bigger stuff over.

I can't believe though with some tremendous help from some friends that we did it!
I think I will really miss the apartment. I still feel like I need to adjust not living in that area after living there for 10 years! I will miss it but I am loving where I am now..It is kind of surreal.

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Thelma said...

WOW! It is strange to see the apartment with nothing left in it!