Monday, July 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Since we have a backyard we been spending a lot of our family time hanging out and BBQ'ing.

Yesterday my great uncle Jr brought over two bags of freshly picked vegetables from his garden.
There was zucchini, roma tomatoes and regular tomato's,cucumbers,green and red pepper, green bell pepper, green beans, artichokes and green onions.
I thought since I had so many vegetables a good homemade salsa was in order. Gabe had a few tastes and said what would be even better if we bought some crab meat and cilantro and made a fresh crab ceviche..Fantastic idea.
Gabe and I both thought what would be really great with fresh spicy and fresh crab ceviche...Margaritas!!
I had a whole fresh pineapple that was needing to be eaten so I skewered up a bunch of chicken and added some of the fresh pineapple and bell peppers and onions I got from my uncle and Whipped up a smokey brown sugar sauce and made some kabobs for dinner.
While the Kabobs cooked we sat outside in the backyard and listened to music ate and watched the sunset
Our little Margarita set up in the backyard.
The neighbor has been bringing us HUGE avocado's and they are pretty damn good. We chopped big chunks of it and added it to our ceviche
After dinner and a few rounds of very powerful margaritas ..Parker brought over the neighbors little monkey bike..I was cracking up so hard seeing Gabe ride it...I also dared to try it too but I would not allow Gabe to take my picture on the bike.
it was getting late but we had a very special treat for Parker set up.
We made our own frozen banana's with chocolate and peanuts and called it a night...not to bad of a Sunday.

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Thelma said...

HAHA Gabe is so funny! Aww man that ceviche looks soooo good!