Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party, Party , Party

We had a incredibly busy weekend. Friday started off with cocktails at the Tiki bar at the corner of my work and ended up with more cocktails at home which I used a Ginger Lemonade mixer that gave me the worst indigestion I ever had and ended up calling the night a early one.

Saturday however was going to be a marathon day of activities...I originally had 4 events that I RSVP's too and had all intentions of going to every one of them but unfortunately only made it out to two.

We were off to Whittier for a Surprise party for Issac. I have to say their place is AMAZING for parties. They have 2 BACKYARDS!! One with a Pool and one with all this shady greenery. My camera was on it's last leg and I could not get very good shots and it was delayed when i would try and snap it.

Gabe was having fun mingling with the crowd
There was lots of food, drinks including Rum Infused strawberries and jell-o shots, and lots of good vinyl spinning on the turntables.
Let the dancing begin.
Look at those Jello shots..I only had one..if this were the only party I was going to I probably would have indulged in some more.
There was a ton of people there..it was Great fun!
The Birthday boy was having a blast dancing
Good times
Amazing pool Huh!
I don't know what was going on her but It was our cue that it was getting late and we had other places to be. We were on our way out to head to The Grove for a Duel Bachelor/Bachelorette party but we noticed it was way late to make it there and were a bit concerned about drinking and driving from there to our next location in Long beach and it was already 10 pm so we just went to our next stop that was closer to home.
A few scooters out front of The Basement where we went to.
Sitting down waiting for my cocktail. The basement is a really cool Underground club/lounge in Downtown Long beach. My friend holds his Mod/Soul club there once a month.
The inciters played that night...they were incredible!
We met up with Sean and Julia..they showed up right before we did
It got really crowded and we saw so many of our friends we had not seen in awhile there. We had two cocktails and socialized for awhile then we were both tired since our partying started at 4pm. So Gabe and I made a B line for the front door and grabbed some good ol greasy fast food before we went home.
I have to say it was a pretty good Saturday..I just wish I was two people so I could have went to all my events I had planned for.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Hey, I was over by the Tiki Bar on Friday. We went to Huntington!

John and Kirsten said...

Wow...what a busy week-end! Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the picture of you in this blog!