Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Summer To Do list..lots of vino

There are so many things I want to do before the summer is over and so many things I have lined up.
First Stop is the OC Fair! The hubby and I with the kids go every year. We like it cause it is much smaller then that LA county fair (which we go to that every year as well) and we can pretty much see everything. We love to stop and do a little wine tasting at their wine court area and go see shows and let Parker go on rides and play games. Usually every year we hit up a concert too but there is really no one I want to see there this year..except maybe for that Smiths Coverband for shits and giggles.

Moving along Gabe and I are dying to get out annual passports renewed for some warm summer nights and cool fall days at Disneyland. There were due in February but it was right before the summer months and I don't care for going to Disneyland in the dead heat of summer and the crowds..oh boy the crowds

Gabe and I usually love to go do a wine tasting at California adventure before we go into's like our normal's just small tastings but it helps us relax through the hectic grounds of both amusement parks

Every summer Gabe and I take the kids (well now kids since I have two now) to the Water park. We usually go to wild rivers cause it is cheap and it has less hills to climb like Raging waters. We took Ava last year and she LOVED it. Of course we could not take her on major water slides but she had fun floating was us down the lazy river and they have a kiddie water park play area that she had a blast in. I think this year though we will go to Raging waters or maybe even Soak City..since we are considering also getting annual passports to Knott's as well and it includes Soak City....No wine tastings here....

SOLVANG!! It is a must that I get to Solvang again and take advantage of the free tastings I get through all the wine clubs I have joined there. I was just here a few months ago but I really could go once a month to this place. It is just so beautiful and the weather is always perfect!
Paso Robles would be another Must go to place as well!
For years I been saying and Planning to go to Glen Ivy Hot springs and this is something that I have to Full Fill! I don't think this will happen until the fall!
Speaking of Fall it will be Off to Vegas to meet up with our friends from far and close and have swanky cocktails at the 3rd annual Mondo Lounge weekend. Gabe and I went to the first one and it was a complete blast!
Here is a brief description of What Mondo Lounge is all about..
Mid Century Modernism, Las Vegas, Hollywood Glamour, Lounge Culture, Rat Pack Shenanigans, Martinis, Cocktails, Vintage Fashion, space age, Atomic era, exotica (ala Les Baxter, Esquivel), the fox trot, Eames era Style, 1950's, 1960's style, Bachelor Pad, Minks and black ties, stereophonic sounds, tikis, fezzes etc..
Of course I know I been on the fence with going to Tiki Oasis but it looks like we will be going! I have a few great pals that offered to let us crash with them in their room and I told them we will probably take them up on that offer...I am so excited! Time to get my Cabana wear ready and drop a few pounds while I am at it!
Anyways I know there is a lot of stuff in between coming up we are working out friends such as a few BBQ's, a couple cocktail parties, Dinner Parties, and some scooter events so I better get my Vespa all polished up.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

OK If you can wait till after this baby comes I WILL go to Glen Ivy with you!!! I have a gift card burning a whole in my pocket! Plus It less crowded then It Is right now!!!

Iris said...

Ok so how about sometime in November???

Thelma said...

I want to go to Glen Ivy too!!!