Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Pirates Faire

This past Sunday Gabe and I took the kids over to the Pirates Faire in Long Beach. It is basically like a Renaissance faire but Pirates instead.

 There was all kinds or booths filled with stuff to buy. These Palm painting are kinda eerie yet I kinda like them! I seen them done before with Tiki's painted on them but never faces of Pirates!
 We stopped to watch the comedic Styling of this juggler. He was crass (just like a pirate) and had us busting up laughing
 He juggled the usual balls,knives and fire.
 I bought some fun rings at a booth there..Ava wanted to wear them all. I got this cool black metal spider with jewels on it and this cool one with a bird on a cluster of jewels. I bought Ava her own Pink Jeweled covered frog ring.
 This was a funny band. Just a bunch of starving pirates playing beat up instruments they found probably on curb sides.
 They had the accordion guy
 A guitar and bass
 There was a mandolin and this little piano that sounded like a toy and the drum set in the back was covered with spoons and cans and metal cups to a snare and toms ..pretty funny
 There were all kinds of little tents set up
 Lots of goodies to eat. The kids had corn dogs and cotton candy and lemonades...Ava first time really enjoying cotton candy!
 Belly Dancers!
 They had a bunch of different belly dancer troops
 Maybe this is something I should take looked fun!
 They had Captain Jack Sparrow hosting kid games
 All the kids got some treasure too from Captain Jack's treasure chest
 We walked around some more checking out the scene
 Crazy Pirate motorcycle.
 ARGHH get me out of this sunlight!
As we were leaving we saw the guy that does the parrot show parading outside. It was a great time.

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Thelma said...

Thats so cool! looks like such a great time. Yeah belly dancing looks like fun and a good workout.