Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Simba!

So my kids have really been interested in dogs lately and possibly having one. A dog takes a LOT of responsibility and I know with kids sometimes the novelty of owning a pet can wear off. I decided before we commit to adopting a dog why not help out a few dogs and be foster parents for awhile. So I signed us up with I.C.A.R.E dog rescue to become fosters for dogs in need.

 This is Simba..my first foster. Simba was one day from being put to sleep at the shelter but I stepped in and offered to become her foster. She is a 5 month old Australian Shepard mix..so they say at the shelter. I think she is Shepard mixed with some sort of hound. Some people say she looks pit bull mixed but I think it is just the markings and coloring that make her have that appearance. She almost makes me think she has some greyhound. She has a skinny little head even though the markings on her make her look a little jowly but she really isn't. I do see the eyes are little and have a pit bully look but I really don't think she does.
She is REALLY playful and bounces off the wall..yeah she is bit of a spazz but aren't all puppies. She loves giving kisses. She loves to jump up on you which we are trying to break that bad habit. She barks...A LOT ..when we let her in the backyard for a little on her own while we are eating dinner. Only when she is along though..she never barks in the house or not really at passerby's on the street. We tried her in her crate but she barks a lot in there too. She cries if we are not in the same room as her. She always has to be next to someone. If you are sitting down reading the paper or watching tv she will come up and just lay her head on your lap. I think she really needs a doggie buddy cause she hates being alone and has a lot of energy to burn. Even after her long doggie walks she can still do laps in the backyard. She is a FAST runner and when she runs she tucks her butt underneath her..kinda like a greyhound. She loves playing ball and Frisbee.

We been working on some basic commands like Sit,Lay down, stay and she gets it most of the time. She has been curious to become friends with the cats but the cats let her know they are not to fond of her kind so she just whimpers a little and stays away from them. This is good though cause it shows that she could most likely be in a home of cats cause she has no interest in chasing them or darting at them as hard as it might be especially to a curious puppy.

So far since I had her My brother has stayed the night and slept on the roll out bed in my living room where Simba rolled up in a little ball and slept with him, She did the same the next night when my dad stayed the night. The past couple nights she has slept in the room with us. She tried to get right in the middle between us but we let her know that we prefer her at the foot of the bed. Last night we had her off the bed and she did not argue once we told her off she went to the pile of blankets I had on the floor on my side of the bed and just nestled up right there. She didn't care if she were in the bed or not..she just wanted to be where the people were.

All in all she is going to make a great family dog. She just needs the basic puppy training and would probably love A  home with another dog and some kids. She seems to be adjusting to us really well and it worries me that she may get too attached to us so I hope she gets adopted quick by her forever family while she is still a youngin. This is why I been having guests over as well. I want her to know a bunch of strangers so she can adjust more easy to a new family. I just get a little worried for her that once she is adopted I don't want her to think we abandoned her if she gets too attached but I guess that must be a common feeling all first time foster parents must feel.

Anyway that is Simba and she is a wonderful doggie up for adoption.

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Thelma said...

That is so nice of you to take in Simba. I hope they find a good home for her soon.:)