Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boat'n and cocktail'n

This past Friday the gals and I decided we wanted to do something fun and cheap for our Girls Night Out!
See we always have a girls night usually once a week sipping on wine and hanging at my place once a week but not too often make it a GIRLS NIGHT OUT event.
Thelma thought of the perfect plan Let's go for a cruise on The AQUA LINK!

 Thelma and Toni came and picked me up from work Friday and while we were driving back to the Alamitos Bay we decided we had some time to kill so lets stop for Happy Hour at Don the Beachcomber (formally Sam's where I got married at)
 The bummer part was they did not do Happy Hour anymore but lucky for us they did have one drink on the menu for 5.00 ( we were on a tight budget) so we ordered a Hand Shaken Daiquiri..it was sour but oh so delicious. We decided well let's do Margarita Happy Hour up the road at El Torito so we went there and had 2 rounds and discussed our master plan how we were going to sneak in some booze on the boat.
 Love this place..
 We mixed our drinks in the car and awaited for our aqua link to show up
 Looks like already we were going to see some sun setting
 And were off ..feeling a little tipsy and indulging in the beautiful summer wind
 WOW..it got really windy out there...it was so nice and we were having a blast! We were laughing a lot too!
 Is the wind strong enough for yas?
 First stop Belmont Pier..we sat and waited and sipped on our VERY strong Cape Cods.
 Second Stop Queen Mary!!..
 We decided to sit in the back where no one was ate and put our feet up..
 Parker's Lighthouse restaurant..heading over to the aquarium at the next stop
 It was nice being the only people in the back..we were making friends with the guy who worked on the boat in the back too..cool guy...I forgot his name..
 Love this lighthouse..been there for YEARS! Time to head back to Alamitos bay!
and to indulge in some In and Out burgers...what a fun night!

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Thelma said...

that was a fun ass night!