Friday, September 23, 2011

I can see clearly now..

So it has been 2 years since my last eye doctor appointment and I finally went last week. I had to do something about getting some new lenses. My very expensive frames had broke a few months back and I been going without and I just could not take being without vision for anymore longer.

Luckily for me my doc said My eyes had not gotten worse nor have they magically gotten better.
I also did not get any bad check marks against my eye pressure which I usually do. This was the first time!

                                 I let my doctor know that I was wanting to do contacts this time around. So they measured my eyes and I was fitted for contacts. I also wanted them to fix my broken glasses instead of getting new frames. I mean Hell I paid a whole lotta money for those frames but I was quoted that they would be 130.00 to repair Because I had to order new arms and they only come in sets and they are swarovski jeweled yada yada .  So I just decided to go with my contacts for now.
Anyways I thought why not mix it up a bit and instead of being plain prescripted contacts add some color to them...So anyway instead of a light brown eyed lady I am now officially a Grey eyed lady (same color as in the photo).
The grey eyes go perfect with my jet blue black hair. I been noticing people really checking them out. I think they are a lot of fun and pretty subtle..nothing too drastic. It still is taking some use to putting these in every morning but I am sure sooner or later it will be a piece of cake.


Thelma said...

Nice! I want to see the hazel on you!

Jessie said...

Very cool!