Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baylen's "HOOT'N" first birthday

My computer has been on thr FRITZ so I am way behind on my bloggin!
This past Saturday We went up to Corona to take part in celebrating my friend Amy's little boy Baylen's first birthday. It was such a cute little owl theme. I just LOVE owls!
Thank goodness the house had AC too cause I think it was like 105 degrees out! YIPES!!!

 Of course Ava went Straight to the bounce house!
 Thanks goodness for the shade..I love the mason jars on the tables too
 Ava sipping on some lemonade!
 The little ones were really getting heated in the bounce house so we would bring them in the ac for a while too cool down
 Super cute!! I ended up eating a whole bag ( bad me)**Not in onesitting either..I took them to work and killed it in about 2 days**
 HAHA...the kids had fun playing with the dog toys while they were cooling down in the house. I thought it was funny how Ava and Cambria look like they got a make believe train going on here
 We sat outside for lunch. The sandwiches and salads were great!
 Pretty hot outside so back indoors and this time the little dog was out and about..I really need to get a puppy..The kids just Adored her!
 Look at Ava's Face..How could someone refuse that little baby a puppy???
 Very Lovely dessert Bar..I think this is a fantastic idea for a party!!
 Love the little milks..
 These cake Push up things were a real hit with my hubby and kids..( I didn't have one..goes against my diet)
 Ava had fun choosing ger dessert of choice
 she like these little acorn things best
 More bounce house time...Don't forget to drink that water Ava!
 Amy and her little man Birthday boy Baylen
 Gabe threw me in the mix too...
 Ava always has to follow where Parker is
 Baylen had this look of surprise when everyone was singing to him
 His smash cake!
 Parker loved this
 Yeah...I would say he did a pretty good job on that cake
 and himself...Bathtime...great blackmail photos for amy to show his wife one day
 Gabe posing around the lemonade
 I just love these straws!
Time for presents! We didn't get to stay for the present time cause we had another party to attend as well.
We had a great time and amy did a very nice job with the deco and set up and theme of this party!

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Thelma said...

What a cute little party! I like the little acorn treats! too cute!