Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Pirate Park

So the original plan after breakfast on Sunday was to take the kids to the pirate park. Gabe often takes Ava here during the weekdays when they are at home. It is hidden in Bellflower behind the blvd. It is always a nice treat for the kids to go there.

we locked up our bikes at the bike racks and checked out all the hidden little animals on this big mural.

 Nice little fountain outside of the entrance of the park.
 The kids could NOT wait to just run inside and start playing.
 The whole ground there is all squishy with that safety foam stuff..I always feel like I am in a bounce house when I am inside
 It was so hot out going to sit inside the skull seemed to be a nice cool spot to relax
 Gabe outside of the skull
 Now him posing outside which is where I soon found myself when I realized it was hotter inside here then it was out there!
 Parker climbed the top of the skull mountain and Ava followed..she climbed right up which is pretty tall if you look at the compare to Gabes height.
 Gabe was having way to much climbing on all the stuff too..he is a big kid..I was perfectly find hanging out in the shade
Gabe to the rescue..Ava had no problem going up but I did not want to risk her getting down on her own.
After some playing around it was soo off on our bikes to pick up a couple of Paletas and to go back into the comforts of our AC at home.
The park is being closed for awhile too for repainting and fixups..not like it really needed is very clean and nice still. We will be back again once it re opens.

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Thelma said...

what an awesome park! I never knew it was there!