Friday, September 16, 2011

Bastards and Hula Hoops

When we we are Tiki Oasis we saw this band Thee Swank Bastards who had their own private room party. They were so entertaining. They play Surf music ( very Tarantino Pulp Fiction-esqe) and they have this hula hoop strip tease dancer in their band which her hula hooping looks like it takes no work at all. Anyways we were soo excited to find out that they were going to be playing at The Purple Orchid Tiki Lounge in El Segundo so we could not miss it.

 We took my brother with us and met up with some friends. These guys are a riot. In between songs they tell really tasteless raunchy jokes ( cause you know..they are bastards)
 I think this is the most clothes I have ever seen her wear. I was thinking Oh maybe because it is a public place she would not strip down to her tassels
 Gabe being casual
 Erin, Toni and David (Toni's Cousin)
 He was going off playing that guitar behind his head.
 Her knees got so dirty you can see my brother really dug them!

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